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First Responder Training- Body, Mind and Finance Information

First Responders Have Been Added To The Member's Page

Correctional Staff are First Responders. CPT has taken the lead with a member's page that includes all First Responders. This year, CPT will be devoted in dealing with suicide within First Responders. Suicides have risen in 2019 and we need to deal with this situation together as First Responders. CPT will have various trainings and information for all First Responders to help you with your mind, body and finances throughout the year. By joining CPT (It's free to join) you will have access to information that will improve your overall wellbeing.

Articles – The Member's page will have articles encompassing all First Responders to help you with your mind, body and finances. CPT will also have a memorial section on the News page honoring all First Responders who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Training – CPT will have training on the Member's page for all First Responders. The training is always free and available for members only. After the video training, you will be able to take a  test in the test section to see how much information you retained. Upon completion of passing, a certificate of training may be printed for your records.

Workout and Nutrition Programs – Throughout the year, CPT will have workout and nutrition programs available on the member's page to help you get in shape and shed those pounds that you have wanted to.

Equipment – CPT offers hand picked equipment available for all First Responders to purchase.

*** CPT will NEVER sell or give your email information away at anytime. The e-mail is to sign up for the Member's Page only. All training and information on the Member's page is always free to members. ***



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Dementia Training

Inmates with Dementia are difficult to manage. The expensive medical costs for older inmates range from three to nine times as much as those for younger inmates. They must be protected from predatory prisoners because dementia makes them paranoid or confused, feelings exacerbated by the confines of prison, some attack staff members or other inmates. 

We can help. CPT offers Dementia Training for Correctional Personnel to assist staff in their daily interactions with these inmates. CPT also offers consulting services for opening a Dementia Unit at your facility. 



  1. Corrections Training in all areas
  2. Correctional Dementia Training 
  3. Emergency Preparedness
  4. Emergency Plans
  5. Integrity Training
  6. Armed Escort Training
  7. Use of Force
  8. Restraints
  9. First Responder Dementia Training

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With over 33 years of Correctional experience, CPT thrives on sharing our experiences and suggestions to make your facility safe and secure.  Michael Bollinger, CEO and Founder was instrumental in opening the first Dementia Unit, based on the Nursing Home model, in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This unit not only houses Dementia inmates but provides programming to keep the inmates and staff safe and secure. training

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NCCDP Winter Magazine - Federal Inmates Coming Your Way, Inmates Certified as CNAs

NCCDP Winter Magazine - Federal Inmates Coming Your Way, Inmates Certified as CNAs


NCCDP Winter Magazine - Federal Inmates Coming Your Way, Inmates Certified as CNAs

NCCDP Winter Magazine - Federal Inmates Coming Your Way, Inmates Certified as CNAs

NCCDP Winter Magazine - Federal Inmates Coming Your Way, Inmates Certified as CNAs


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